What does my session fee pay for?

The session fee pays for the photographer’s time and talent during the session, post production work, a private online gallery and a slideshow of my favourite photos of the session. Some sessions DO include products, prints and files as outlined in the Client Guide.


Where will our session be? Our house is way too messy!

I come to you! Day in the Life sessions take place in your home but I will go with you wherever your day takes you whether that is the grocery store, your favourite coffee shop or just raking leaves in the backyard. Do not clean up and make the beds just for me! By all means, please take the garbage out, but your home does not need to be perfectly clean and have amazing south facing, smudge free windows. I have three small window smearing, crumb machine maniacs of my own – there will be no judgement.


We are boring, there will be nothing to photograph!

Not true! Every family has a story! There are dozens of moments every day you do not see because the kids are out of sight or because you’re in the moment with them. I want to show you those moments.


If you’re with us all day do we need to feed you?

If the coffee is on, please pour me a cup! While I will shoot all parts of your day, I will need to re-fuel quickly on full day (10-12hr) sessions and a quick bite would be really appreciated at dinner time. I am not picky! I bring my own snacks for half day sessions.


You’ll be with us all day. Will this be weird?

I don’t stand silently in the corner watching you all day, if that’s what you’re asking! But this will be unlike any other family photo session you have ever had. My clients tell me it’s like having a family friend over for the day. The sessions are really relaxed and I don’t give any direction, your only job is to just be yourselves. I do a lot of observing and shooting moments as they evolve but I also interact with the kids so we can get to know each other and they feel more comfortable. Usually they lose interest in me pretty quickly and go about their day. During the slower, low activity parts of the day (e.g. nap) you and I can even have a coffee together. If your child has a tantrum or skins a knee, if there is a giant spilled milk disaster or a laughing fit, I will be there shooting through all of it.


If the kids are out of my sight and you are with them taking photos, does that mean you’re supervising them at the same time?

No. I’m there to document what they are doing (good or not so good behaviour), not to supervise or babysit if you are otherwise busy. So if your 2 year old runs off with a crayon and starts drawing on the wall when you are not looking or someone is toilet papering your bathroom while you’re making dinner, you may see that later in your gallery.


Are there any additional costs to the session day?

Travel fees may apply if you live outside the Vancouver area. If there are parking or admission fees to a fair or museum , etc., the client is expected to pay for the photographers fees as well. For Documentary Vacation sessions, please see the Client Guide page XX for more information.


What will I do with all of the photos?

Print them! An album of your Day in the Life session is the perfect way to showcase your images and enjoy them for years to come. Many families do a Day in the Life session each year to document their lives year by year with an album for each. Framing select images and creating a gallery on your wall is also a great way to showcase your new photos.


I really want your photos to see the light of day. My sessions now include albums or prints to ensure you walk away from this experience with a physical item and not just another thing to put on your never ending to do list. See the Client Guide page XX for the details.


What should we wear?

Wear what you normally wear. One of the great things about a Day in the Life session is that you don’t need to get dressed up and you don’t need to get “ready” for me. Greeting me sleepy eyed and in your jammies at your door is the perfect way to start our session. Do NOT plan coordinating outfits.


Can you retouch owies, scars and wrinkles?

No. I am documenting real life. I love you just the way you are.

What if it rains?

We roll with the weather. Obviously for extreme situations, as outlined in the client contract, we would make adjustments.


When will my photos be ready?

Your images will be available for viewing on your private web gallery within 8 weeks. Final print orders can take up to 3 weeks after order is placed (must be paid for in full). For rush orders, please add $100. Corrina Holburn Photography owns the copyright to all images, including proofs. Images may not be copied, scanned or reproduced in any way without written permission. Files will be made available for digital download only and the client is expected to back them up accordingly. Yes, please DO share them on social media, with credit is most appreciated!


Do you archive image files?

Purchased images are archived for one year. Images that are not ordered are purged from my systems twice monthly, in order to make room for new clients.


Do I have to sign a client contract?

Yes, a signed client contract and an industry standard model release is required along with your deposit to hold your session date.


I want to keep my photos private. Do you offer a non-disclosure agreement?

Sharing images is important for my marketing. However, given the nature of the some sessions where there may be nudity, breastfeeding, birth or the profession of some of my clients that needs anonymity and if it is just a few photos, I can appreciate some clients may not wish to share some images in particular on social media where they are recognizable. In these special circumstances, I am happy to leave a few out of your slideshow or other uses as per the client agreement. We will discuss all of this in your pre-session consultation. If you wish to keep your entire gallery of images private, I offer a non disclosure agreement for a fee of 3 times your session fee.


I still have a question!

Drop me a line and ask away! Want to know more about me? Click here.


I am so on board with this! What’s next?

Awesome! So you’ve read the Client Guide and love everything about documentary family photography. A 50% deposit and signed client agreement is required to hold your date. We will also set up a time to have a quick pre-session consultation to answer any extra questions you may have, expectations and shooting boundaries. Drop me a line and let’s get the ball rolling!