How's your summer going?


For my family, it's been weird but good. It's been a slowed down summer full of learning to ride bikes, painting rocks, stickers, light sabres battles, picking dandelions and rediscovering our appreciation of the simpler things in life. It's had a very 1980's feel to it. Things have been much quieter than usual in this forced slow down as a result.


So what about you?


I am offering something special this summer to document the little things you will want look back to remember Summer 2020 by. What will your kids remember?



The Summer Session (1hr)


Real Life, unposed outdoor session to take place in your back / front yard or driveway / cul-de-sac documentary your family for 1 hour.


- Slideshow of Artisan Edit (20 images)

- Option to purchase entire gallery of images for an additional $100

Artisan Edit (20) + Extended Gallery (25-30)







All sessions to take place outdoors only with immediate family members only who live within the same household.

My equipment is thoroughly cleaned before sessions and I will wear a mask maintaining a 6' distance.

Wellness check-in prior to session on day of booking.

Flexible cancellation and rescheduling policy in place to accommodate any last minute changes.








Corrina is a documentary family photographer living in North Vancouver, BC, Canada with her husband and three kids in a houseful of crumbs and overflowing laundry hampers. Prior to having a family, she considered the darkroom her second home for a number of years while she studied photography and fine arts at university and later also added multimedia and documentary filmmaking to her credentials.


Today, with nearly 20 years of shooting experience, Corrina has merged her love of photography and documentary film into family photojournalism as a way of telling her clients their own family story through photos.